In his 22 years as a homicide prosecutor, Glenn Kirschner had the privilege to meet hundreds of incredible individuals who were the surviving family members of homicide victims. He was constantly awed by the strength, love, grace and resilience of spirit that he encountered in these meetings.

Without having experienced it yourself, this experience is nearly impossible to comprehend. Thus, some family members who worked with Glenn have graciously offered to share.

We are immensely grateful for their testimonials, which they have allowed us to share in order to advance our goal of supporting every family who loses a loved one to homicide.

Arthur Baldwin, Father of Arthur Baldwin Jr.

One day in December the Lord heard this awful sound, he opened up the windows of heaven and the Lord looked down. He saw one of his little angels lying there on the ground, he spoke to his heavenly Angel’s and said go forth and bring him home bring him home to me where he can rest, find peace and live safely remove him from the ground. So the Angels, as they were commanded brought the little angel home that day.

The Lord then spoke and said bring forth to me 2 of my mighty Angels to go forth and find them that committed this horrible thing, bring them before me that I may bring forth my Justice to them that have committed this horrible Sin. So the first angel (Detective Braken) went forth to search for them that had committed this Sin, searching day and night diligently to find them responsible for there Sin. Shortly thereafter he said unto the Lord, I have found them and I will bring to you Lord and that he did. And then he contacted that family from where this little angel came from and said to them I have good news for you, I have found them that have done this horrible Sin. This angel stood by them and listened to their Heart, felt their pain but  never did departed from them that day.

Then second angel (AUSA Glenn Kirschner) said to the Lord I will present their case before you my Lord. So he gathered his evidence, and witnesses, and testimonies of those involved in this horrible thing, but he said to that family, I must continue to do one more thing. I will Walk with you and teach you this process as I prepare my case. I will always be here for you and comfort you as we walk together through this thing. And this angel never left them always there to listen and explain this process as he brought it to an end. He talked and listen and sometimes maybe cried with the family by himself but he never left their side. This mother and father on that day lost their only Son, his sister’s and his family had lost a very dear Loved one.

Nothing can heal the pain that these parents and family share, but one thing for sure those 2 angels (Detective Bracken and AUSA Glenn Kirschner) were always there and never left them and that was for sure. And for that they will always be thankful for the Justice these 2 Angels brought to them that committed this horrible Sin.

Arthur E and Helen Baldwin,

Lashema Baldwin, Bryce Arthur Baldwin, Skylar Baldwin, Devin Smith, Tiffany, Ming-toy, Tamarah and family.

A men.

Francesca Drath, Daughter of Viola H. Drath

I came to know Glenn Kirschner in August of 2011 when my mother was murdered in her home, in the District of Columbia.  The Detective in charge of my mother’s homicide brought our case to Glenn Kirschner at DC USAO. Glenn and his team met with our family within 24 hours, to discuss the case and what would happen next.  They walked us through the pre-arrest and the pre-trial procedures so we would understand what to expect and the next steps to be taken in the case.

Undaunted by the mechanization’s of a clever defendant, Glenn and his team worked on our case for over 2.5 years.  The long road to trial might have been lost to the endless status hearings pertaining to the evaluation of the Defendant’s mental and physical health if Glenn’s team had not worked diligently and relentlessly with the Judge, the Defense, and especially the DC Corrections team, in the pursuit of bringing the defendant to trial.  Throughout all the pretrial motions and countless competency hearings, Glenn and his team always briefed us on events that were to take place in the courtroom, and always discussed the proceedings after the hearings, which allowed us to ask questions or bring up matters that were of concern to us.

Glenn’s perseverance resulted in bringing the defendant to trial in January of 2014. At trial, the family was always taken care of by the team. We were informed of any surprises or complications that may come up during the proceedings. Because Glenn and his team streamlined our case and never wavered from the facts, the jury was out less than 8 hours and came back with a guilty verdict.  It was Glenn’s clear voice and steadfast prosecution that won the case for us.

I truly feel we were either lucky/blessed or both to have Glenn and his team on our side.  At the end of the trial the family was elated by our victory. It was also bittersweet leaving Glenn and the team and the bonds we had forged with them, because they had become family.

My family and I will be eternally grateful to Glenn Kirschner and his team at DC USAO.  

Francesca Drath

Daughter of Viola H. Drath

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